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Beachbody Business - My Dream-2-Reality - Daddy's Home!

My Dream-2-Reality | Daddy’s Home!

Beachbody Business

My Dream-2-Reality – Daddy’s Home!

Turning my Beachbody Business to a Dream Come True

The other day as I was playing with my 2 1/2 year old daughter (Alathea), she came up to me and hugged me and said “Daddy’s home”.  It was a very emotional moment for me because ever since she was born (and several years before she was born) I was working long hours, had lots of travel requirements and stress.  I was not home nearly as much as I needed to be to spend time with my family.   That moment where she hugged me was so special to me because I just “fired my boss” and I am now a FULL TIME Team Beachbody coach!   I was finally able to put in my notice and make my dream a reality with this Beachbody Business.  This freedom didn’t come easy though.  It took a lot of hard work and dedication along the way.   Here is my story:

In January of 2009 Tekoa was laid off from her job only 1 week before we found out she was pregnant.  This made finances very tight as my income was barely enough to cover all of our expenses… let alone the cost of a baby on the way.  She continued to look for work, but as she progressed in the pregnancy it became harder and harder to find a job.  When Alathea was born that September, it was more of a matter of  finding a job that would pay enough to cover day care costs and still have enough left over to help.  Nothing she found was going to make it worth it and we did not like the idea of having some total stranger raise our daughter at a day care facility!  We decided to just make it work with Tekoa staying home.  It was very tight and we kept slipping further in debt.

On top of our financial troubles, we were overweight and unhealthy!  We needed to be a good example for our daughter.  Living like we were and eating what we did, we were NOT being the example she needed.  We were both depressed and had zero self confidence.  With heart disease in our families, it was very important that we made the change for our daughter and future kids.  I also struggled with health issues of my own with Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy which was such a dangerous situation for me as I would find myself falling asleep at stoplights.  Despite our tight finances, we decided to change our lifestyle in the Summer of 2010 when we started Power 90!  Little did we know how much our lives would be changed in the upcoming months.Beachbody Business

By September 2010 as we had seen some pretty phenomenal results.  Our dream of being healthy and fit was always a dream… until we put in the commitment, dedication, and plain ole’ hard work to get to where we are today.  Our DREAM became a REALITY with our health and fitness!  Our passion for Beachbody and their programs and products grew so great and we saw how people were asking us what we were doing and how we were inspiring them to do something with their own health and fitness.  As a result, we grew a passion for helping others with their health and fitness goals and became Team Beachbody coaches!  That passion continued to grow more and more as we saw what kind of impact we were having.  People coming to us thanking us for adding years to their lives, people who had been in serious states of depression completely turned their lives around, people who never knew how to make this lifestyle change had conquered their weight loss goals.  All these stories that we hear from people we have helped makes the time invested worth every second. We had never intended on making this a full time business as I didn’t know that was even possible.  As my passion for helping others increased more and more, it just made me wish I could be a part of this Beachbody business full time.  I had a NEW DREAM… to become a FULL TIME BEACHBODY COACH!

Beachbody BusinessI set my goal in January of 2011 that I would be a full time coach by early 2012.  What would it take?  Making goals, staying consistent, remembering my “why”, and always improving myself.  I would always work towards my dream and stay focused.  Just as I did with my health and fitness, I would do as a coach.  My goal was to help as many people as I could.  I would sacrifice sleep to make sure that I answered everyone’s emails.  I would share with as many people as I could how I changed my life and made sure they understood that they could too and gave them the tools for success.  A lot of these people ended up signing up as coaches on our team because they all became passionate for the products as they too were seeing great results and wanted to help others as well.

As time went on I was offered a promotion at work and I TURNED IT DOWN.  Why?  Because I wanted to focus my time on helping others and this promotion would have consumed even more time.   My team had grown so much by that point that I could not stop there.  I continued to press forward.  I wanted to give my employer at least a month notice, so I put in my resignation notice in mid-February 2012.  My last day of my 10 year career was on March 16th!  It was perfect timing as we went on vacation the following week on a Team Beachbody coach rewards trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas!  The cool part of all this is that we don’t do this for the money.  We do this because we get a lot of satisfaction knowing we are making a difference in people’s lives.  It will NEVER be about the money for us.  This coaching career has given us financial freedom and it was done by simply helping others achieve their goals and lead healthy and fulfilling lives.Beachbody Business

This website has a whole new meaning for me.  Not only did my health and fitness dreams become a reality, but my financial dreams became a reality as well with this Beachbody Business.  I am now focusing all my time helping others get fit, helping other coaches on my team develop as successful coaches and spending more time with my family.  I am LIVING THE DREAM!  Thank you Beachbody and thank you Team D2R for being a part of our lives!


To learn more about the Beachbody Business of becoming a Team Beachbody Coach check out the FAQ of Becoming a Coach!

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Congratulations!! You are great coaches and I appreciate your support. My sister and I are about to embark on our own journey... come visit our site, if you get a minute. Marge