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Chin Up Max (assist) - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Chin Up Max (assist)

Maximize every minute you spend on the chin-up bar. This tool gives you the right amount of adjustable support to help you strengthen and train muscles as you work toward unassisted moves.

This piece of equipment can be used with P90X, Asylum, P90X2, or any workout involving pullup exercises.

They didn’t have this piece of equipment when I was struggling to do pullups in my first round of P90X or I would have used it instead of the chair technique.  It allows you to keep your body in a better vertical position, and it keeps the “assistance” at a more controlled level than using your leg on a chair.  I bought one to try it out and for Tekoa to use and I LOVE it!  It is a “must have” if you struggle with pull ups.

 PRICE $39.90


When I click to buy, the price goes up $10

Coach Chris
Coach Chris

Looks like Beachbody changed the price. I have updated the page. Thanks for the heads up!