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Inspiration Friday | Joe - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Inspiration Friday | Joe

I am going to begin something new every week called “Inspiration Friday”.  Every Friday I will post a transformation from someone from our team so that you may be inspired and motivated to make a change just as they have!  First up:  Joe “Beast Mode” B!


Joe B. had been a part of Team D2R, but was not very active at first.  Then he found a spark… a spark that would change his life!  He committed to Power 90 and after the first week, he grew such a passion to make this lifestyle change.  Joe’s wife Andrea also made this lifestyle change and started doing Slim in 6 at the same time (and saw AMAZING results I might add).  They began to incorporate Shakeology to take their results to the next level.  This power couple has made such a positive impact in our Team D2R group on Facebook.  They are so positive, inspirational, and motivational in our group so much that you can’t help to be fired up to workout and push yourself even harder!  Joe is now part of one of our P90X Challenge groups bringing it harder than ever and Andrea is a part of a Power 90 challenge group.  Joe always has is “Beast Mode” switch turned to “on” and brings such an intensity to his workouts.  Joe has since become a Team Beachbody Coach so he can help others change their lives just as he has.  He will soon begin to build his website Way to pay it forward, Joe!  I am proud of where you have come buddy!


Check out his Power 90 results video!

Joe’s Story =

My name is Jhomil but I go by Joe. I am a married man with two beautiful children. I currently work as a Visual Information Specialist. With this job, it requires me to be in front of a computer all day. It makes it very difficult for me to remain active. During my younger days, I was very active and so motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But just like anyone, I wanted to settle and have a family of my own. I was in the military for for 14 years. The only thing that kept me within weight standards was the physical fitness tests held semi annually. It’s been close to 3 years since I left the military and I was in worst shape of my life. I weighed in at 216 at 5′ 5″. Which was the heaviest I’ve ever been. I was suffering from major depression and I lost interest in everything. Plenty of times I didn’t even want to leave the house. One morning, I got a dose of reality when I was having trouble buttoning up the top of my shirt and fastening my slacks. I got frustrated because everything around was just reminding me how fat I was.  I just knew that I needed to do something right away. That evening I ran into a bunch of YouTube videos that left me inspired to do Power 90. Since then I’ve been doing Power 90 and it led me to an awesome coach and supportive team!  I’ve lost a total of 43 lbs. I will never be the same and I don’t ever wanna look back.  I can’t believe I was able to achieve what I thought was the impossible for me.  There is no better feeling than gaining back your sense of well being.  Now it’s time to reach out and help others as a coach.  I’m very passionate about it and love helping people out.

Micael Pariga
Micael Pariga

Yay Joe, you are a beast man! Makes us in Power 90 want to power forward because your proof its not a joke if you apply yourself. Thanks brotha for be a part of the powerful team!

Joe Banz
Joe Banz

GRRRrrrr….. BEAST MODE BABY!!! lol I owe you and Tekoa so much for inspiring us in the first place! We're so lucky to have such an awesome team with outstanding coaches! Andy and I would of never done it without all the support! Changing my lifestyle has made me a better person. I'm loving life again! I know that my kids will love me more. :) I would like to personally give a shout out to my wife, Andrea. She has been so supportive. If anyone is bringing it, SHE IS! A full-time loving wife and an outstanding mom. One more thank you goes to my workout partner Chris Markwart who also brought it with me during Power 90 and had outstanding results! We have been pushing each other past our limits since Day 1. So glad to that you're in the group brother! We're all real people doing beachbody programs. Hopefully this is convincing for others like us out there. They really do work!

Andrea Bansil
Andrea Bansil

Chris and Tekoa, you've been an inspiration and the best mentors to us. This team and you both have been a blessing. Team dream 2 reality has positively influenced our lives in more ways than I can possibly describe. I have my strength and energy back and I am able to achieve things that I had once felt were impossible, and live a healthier life for my family. I can't help but say yes now...I want to be the best I can be everyday. my gratitude is beyond words, thank you so much.