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Power Couple! - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Power Couple!

Paul and Destinee have been a part of our team for a while now and have completed P90x and Insanity!  Their results are nothing short of amazing!  They are a very positive couple with great hearts and have brought fun spunk to the team.  Check out their awesome P90X and Insanity results transformation video and share it with your friends!!


P90X (P90X Challenge Pack)
Insanity (Insanity Challenge Pack)

Here is their story in Paul’s words:

“I used to live a very healthy life with my beautiful late wife, Dina. We ate all Organic, juiced regularly, and worked out together. Then, after a two year battle with Breast Cancer we lost her. That was when I thought “what’s the point”, she led a healthy lifestyle, did everything the homeopathic way, and still, she passed away early in life.
So I figured, what the heck, I’m going to eat whatever I want whenever I want, and then, I went from 190lbs to 240lb! I went to my doctor for a regular visit, and he told me my cholesterol was high, and “according to my chart, you are OBESE”. OBESE, what?! I’m not Obese, which was what I kept telling myself. But truth was, I was fat, I was obese.
I had remarried in the meantime, and my wife Destinee, had just had our(my) first baby. A beautiful baby boy! She went from a tiny 96lbs to 156lbs during her pregnancy. And let me tell you, she was NOT happy. So, one night, in desperation, she spent a few hours on YouTube looking at P90X transformations. This is where she found our awesome coaches, Chris and Tekoa. After watching, we eagerly went out and purchased P90X! Then you know what happened, it sat, and it sat, and it sat for six months! At last we got up the motivation and began- we did, P3X, P12X, P21X and then, something amazing happened… WE COMPLETED P90X and felt like CHAMPIONS! We made changes, that became habits, and our nutrition became more important than ever in our lives. I then completed INSANITY, and am now almost one month in P90X2 as of January 2013. I’m enjoying the journey, results, and lifestyle. I was surprised to learn how such a positive lifestyle change in my nutrition and fitness would affect every area of my life and well-being. I’m more confident than I have been since I was 17 years old, I feel great and stronger everyday.”

Paul and Destinee P90X and Insanity Results


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