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60 Day P90X Results! - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

60 Day P90X Results!

We have now now completed 60 days of P90X… Our Power 90 results exceeded our expectations and P90X is no exception!  Check out our 60 day P90X results!!  I personally have noticed a 35% increase in strength when comparing week 9 Chest and Back to Week 3 Chest and Back!  I can now truly see for myself what P90X is capable of.  This program is FOR REAL the best program out there and better than going to any gym.  Check out our updated 60 day P90X results pictures below!  We will coach you through P90X or one of many other Beachbody programs out there that WORK!  If you follow the program and the nutrition, you WILL see results!  The pictures below speak for themselves!  I will be putting together an official P90X review as soon as we finish the program, but for now I have to say this program is the best workout program out there to deliver excellent strength and to gain mass with the right diet.

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Chris’s 60 Day P90X Results:

Tekoa’s 60 Day P90X Results