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A Free Opportunity - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

A Free Opportunity

It’s Christmas season, and everybody is looking for good deals, right?  Well, Beachbody is no exception.  They are offering a great deal that can save everyone of you some money on the products and supplements you buy.

In an effort to get more coaches in place before the start of 2011, Beachbody is providing a very nice incentive for new coaches who sign up before January 7th 2011 — They are waiving the signup fee and the first month of coach dues!  It’s totally free to sign up!  And what’s the catch?  None.

Many of you have heard about this promotion already, but is it something you should do?  Well, that depends.   Ask yourself the following:

Do you buy BB products at full price? If you buy BB products on a regular basis, you really owe it to yourself to consider signing up as a coach.  Don’t get me wrong … I like the commission when you buy things from Beachbody.  But if you sign up for your own coaching account, YOU will get that commission (in the form of a 25% discount).  And don’t worry, you aren’t giving me the shaft, because if you sign up as a coach, even though I won’t get a commission on your purchases anymore, I will still get volume points since you are on my coaching team.

Consider this example, just with Shakeology: If you buy Shakeology every month, you are paying $119 for the product, plus tax, plus shipping (if you aren’t on Home Direct).  If you become a coach and put yourself on a Home Direct order of Shakeology, you will get it for $89 (which saves you $30), you won’t pay shipping (that saves you $11), and your tax will be a few bucks cheaper since the total is less.  Home Direct is a no brainer because you can cancel your Home Direct order anytime, so paying the $11 shipping is silly.  And if you are on Shakeology as a customer, becoming a coach is a no-brainer for the rest of 2010 because it’s free to sign up.  The monthly savings will look like this:

Month 1 = Savings — $30 (Shakeology for $89 instead of $119). (And the savings will actually be more than that if you switch to Home Direct and save an additional $11 of shipping)

Every month thereafter = Savings — $15 (Shakeology for $89 instead of $119, minus the coaching fee of $15).

* And this doesn’t even take into consideration that you might (and probably will) buy other items, have friends and family who also want to buy products, etc.  You will come out way ahead by being a coach rather than being a customer.  And it’s easy to cancel if you ever want to.  There is no pressure.  You can cancel a Home Direct order after 1 month or 1 year, it makes no difference.  You are not obligated in any way.  And you can cancel a coaching membership at any time.  There is no obligation with that either.

Are you passionate about BB products? Do you find yourself telling others about them? If you find yourself talking about these products to others (like I did as I started getting fit), and if you get passionate about the changes you are seeing in your own health and fitness, you might as well be a coach.  Why?  Because as your friends/family/neighbors/co-workers get excited by your results and your story, they will buy the Beachbody products that are working for you, and you might as well get compensated by Beachbody for the business you are driving their way (25% commission)!

Does the idea of coaching others through these workout programs sound like fun? I have become very passionate about health and fitness and very much enjoy motivating, inspiring, and helping others reach their goals.  It is awesome to watch people I coach transform their lives and their bodies and know that I had some kind of impact on their lives.  It feels great!  Do you have a desire to help others?  Have you found that you want to get your friends and loved ones doing this with you?  Then guess what …. you are already coaching!

So, what if you sign up to coach and then later decide you don’t want to do it anymore? Is it hard to get out? Not at all.  All you have to do is stop paying the $14.95 monthly coaching dues and call coach relations to cancel your coaching account.  That’s it.  You won’t leave anyone hanging.  Everyone under you will simply bump up to the coach above you and things will keep rolling along.  So there’s no pressure to sign up, no pressure to stay with it if you ever change your mind, and no hidden fees.  You aren’t locked in to it.  You can stop coaching anytime.  If you decide to coach, it’s YOUR business, and it can be as big or as little as YOU want to make it.  It really is a great opportunity, both for those who just want to save 25% on everything they buy, as well as for those who want to grow a business and help others reach their goals.

The coaching opportunity is really turning into a lot of fun.  I am seeing some of the financial benefits from it, but that’s not the main goal of coaching for me — it’s about helping others have success like Tekoa and I have had.  I have passion for my health and fitness now, which I was lacking for years, and it feels so good to help others reach their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.  The fact that it “pays off” financially is really just an added bonus!

If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of coaching, or if you are ready to pull the trigger and sign up, give me a heads up by sending me an email me at and I will share more with you about how to get started!

Here is the link to become a coach yourself!

You can learn more about coaching HERE.

Coach Chris