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Beachbody Challenge Group - Join an Exclusive Group

Join a Challenge Group

Beachbody Challenge Group

Join a Beachbody Challenge GroupTekoa and I are SO EXCITED to share with you guys about a brand new method to ensure your success with Beachbody programs.  When Team Beachbody was created, it added a missing link to any fitness program, and that was support from coaches who have gone through the programs and provide info, support, and motivation.  It was genius!  So many people started getting that peer to peer support and success rates increased dramatically.  This has been a great method, but how do you ensure you are being held accountable DAILY?  How do you make sure you are being motivated and pushed every day to prevent you from falling off?  It is so easy to fall off one day and snowball back to your old ways.  THE SOLUTION:  A Beachbody Challenge Group of a small group of people going through a program with the same timeline!

What makes Beachbody Challenge Groups so effective? We are big believers in challenges as it motivates you to push harder when you are a part of one. When you have a small group, communication is much easier, and you’re able to hold each other accountable and push each other even more than being part of a large group. There is also a sense of friendly competition forcing you to push even harder to achieve better results. When you have competition, encouragement, accountability, and support from a small group of other people, it is a recipe for success!  With the challenge groups we have held so far we have seen some AMAZING results from those team members!   We have members thanking us because if it wasn’t for this exclusive group, they would not have made it through the program.  If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you’re not going to find a better way than with these challenge groups!  If you start to fall off, everyone in the group will know it and we will do whatever we can to help you get back on track.

How do I join a Beachbody challenge Group? The first thing that you have to do is make me or Tekoa your coach if we aren’t already.  It’s free to make one of us your coach by CLICKING HERE and following the instructions . By making one of us your coach, you will have constant access to us for questions and support and we will be checking in daily with each challenge group.  Next, you will want to choose your Beachbody program like Power 90, P90X, Insanity, or Turbofire.  If you are interested in Shakeology, then it would make sense to purchase a Challenge Pack as it will save you a great deal of money on buying the program and Shakeology together.  CLICK HERE TO SEE A LIST OF CHALLENGE PACKS.  Shakeology is NOT a requirement to be a part of a Challenge Group for us, but most people drink it to give them the best results within their challenge.  Once you reach all the requirements to join a group, CONTACT US and we will pair you with a group of other people who are serious about changing their health, create an exclusive team Facebook group, and then you will get started!

What will I need to do once I’m in a Beachbody Challenge Group? Some of the things you’ll be doing as a challenge member are:

1. Posting daily that you’ve completed your workout and how you did with your workout and nutrition

2. Using My Fitness Pal to track your foods each day (I’ll have access to your daily food diary to help you get things dialed in more if needed)

3. Completing the “Daily Challenge” That I post each day… these challenges may include posting a picture of your lunch, answering a question I posted to the group, posting a picture of yourself after a workout, etc.

4. Sharing your Day 1, Day 30, Day 60 and Day 90 pictures, weight and measurements with the group (only the group can see these)

5. Supporting and encouraging the other challenge group members as they share their own struggles and triumphs

I am seeing amazing results from the members of my current challenge groups, better than most people who do a program on their own, and I attribute it to the encouraging camaraderie and the accountability that each member feels to stay committed even on the tough days.

Are there any prizes? YES! Beachbody will be giving away daily, monthly, quarterly, and even a large grand prize for the best results/story!  See below:

  • Free T-Shirt for completing the program
  • $500 daily winners
  • $1000 monthly winners
  • $5000 quarterly winners (plus a paid trip)
  • $100,000 grand prize

How do I qualify for the prizes?  Click here to TAKE THE BEACHBODY CHALLENGE.

Once per month you may submit your results to be eligible for a daily, or monthly prize!  Beachbody will select inspiring stories daily for a $500 winner and once per monthwill select $1000 winners for each age group… See all details HERE.

And if you already have your workout program, you can still enter the Beachbody Challenge without buying anything.  You DON’T have to buy a Challenge Pack to enter the Beachbody Challenge.  It’s just an added incentive if you are looking for a bundled package discount.

So for those interested in taking the Beachbody Challenge (which should be all of us because who wouldn’t want to be in the running for free prizes??), click here to TAKE THE BEACHBODY CHALLENGE.


We are confident that you’re not going to find a better way to get results than you would by being part of a Beachbody Challenge Group! Unlimited support, constant encouragement, friendly competition, and some added prizes will motivate you to commit yourself for the entire 90 days and get into the best shape of your life. Tekoa and I can’t wait to help you guys reach your goals and we are SO EXCITED to put together some more groups!  Let’s BRING IT!

Team D2R Beachbody Challenge WINNERS!

These are people on our team who have WON BIG prizes through the Beachbody Challenge and been a part of a Beachbody Challenge Group!

Keresha D: 

Keresha D Beachbody Challenge Daily $500

“For years I’d been popping pills to deal with my arthritis, diverticulosis, coronary artery disease and gastroesophageal reflux disease—and I was only 46. Add to that a diet of junk food and Diet Mountain Dew, and I was playing Russian roulette with my life. I needed to stop, but didn’t know how.

When it came to getting fit, I had as many “I Can’ts” as I had medical issues. But after reading a few “success stories”—just like this one, I got a Coach and he recommended Power 90. I forced the issue by posting my “before” pictures on Facebook for all my friends and family to see. Talk about fully committing. There was no way to back out now. It didn’t matter how old and tired I felt, I couldn’t allow myself to fail in front of the people I love.

Then I addressed my diet. It took me two weeks to wean myself off of Diet Mt. Dew, but I did with the help of Shakeology. Shakeology was amazing, I suddenly had energy and didn’t crave the caffeine at all. Next, I replaced the junk with much healthier foods and I began to feel better almost instantly.

I lost 26 inches and over 10% of my body fat. I can do push-ups and jumping jacks and moves I never thought I could. I feel amazing! The best part of all, I’m not taking any more medication. I have no arthritis pain, no heartburn and absolutely no symptoms from diverticulosis. At 46, I feel better than I did at 36. You just can’t beat that!”

Jhomil (Joe) B:

Jhomil B Beachbody Challenge Winner $1000

Read Joe’s Story HERE!

Andrea B:

Andrea B Beachbody Challenge Winner $1000

Read Andrea’s Story HERE!

ME (Chris Garrett):

Join a Beachbody Challenge Group


Read My Story HERE



All Challenge Packs come with:

1) The workout program

2) One month of Shakeology on Home Direct

3) 30 Days of the TeamBeachbody Club VIP membership

4) Free Shipping

5) Free Coach signup (only if you sign up as a coach, then select the challenge pack as part of your coach signup process.  You will also save 25% on future purchases)

To sign up as a coach under CHRIS , all you have to do is CLICK HERE

To sign up as a coach under TEKOA , all you have to do is CLICK HERE


So as you can see, with these Challenge Packs, there are some big savings if you are looking to get a new workout program, try Shakeology, or become a coach.


Chris and Tekoa


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