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Inspirational Videos - Videos to Motivate you to Achieve your Goals

Inspirational Videos

Inspirational Videos

Here are a couple of very inspirational videos for you to see.  I get pumped up when I watch these and they are a constant reminder to push for excellence!  HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT??  This lifestyle change is not easy, but are you willing to put forth the effort to make it happen?  “You have the opportunity to make your dreams a reality”.  Are you going to take that opportunity?  NEVER give up on your goals and dreams.  Write down your “WHY”, set your goals, and execute a plan to achieve those goals.

One of the biggest reasons I did not do something about my health earlier than I did was because it was so daunting!  I felt like I could never give up my lifestyle.  I was “comfortable” with my lifestyle.  Change is a very difficult thing for a LOT of people!  The problem was that I knew my “comfort” with my lifestyle was more laziness than anything.  I knew I needed to put in the work, but had no desire or drive to do so… until I realized my “WHY”.

What was my “why”?  My “why” had two parts.  First and foremost was my family.  I needed to be a good example for my wife and daughter.  I needed to get healthy, otherwise I would have a serious risk of a heart attack.  I could not take the risk of losing my life due to laziness and poor food choices.  My family needs me to be around!  The other piece was that I had HORRIBLE self esteem.  I was embarrassed to be seen like I was and I was always depressed and saw very little in myself.  I NEEDED to break that part of me.  I needed to prove to myself that I was worth it!

Beachbody has completely changed my life.  I am a completely different man (in a good way).  I am confident, I am happy, and I feel secure knowing that I won’t lose my life due to poor health choices.  It wasn’t an easy journey… there were temptations, there were failures, there were times I wanted to quit, but the one thing that kept me going was my “WHY” and the support from my wife.

What is your “WHY”?  Think deep to that moment that made you say “You know what?  I am doing this!”  What are the things that led you to that moment?  Something I recommend to everyone starting out is to write that “why” down and put it with your “before” pic and put it somewhere you can see it every day.  Many people like to put it on their bathroom mirror so they can see that pic and see their progress in the mirror and be reminded why they need to stay focused.


Here are a couple of my favorite inspirational videos:



Now that you have watched these inspirational videos, it is time to TAKE ACTION!  Go after your goals!  EVERYBODY has what it takes.  Remember your “WHY” and just do it!


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