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P90X 30 Day Progress Pics! - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

P90X 30 Day Progress Pics!

Tekoa and I have now completed 30 days of P90X!  Is it working???  You tell us!  Check out our new progress pics below!

Coach Tekoa
Coach Tekoa

Thanks Jackie! When I started Power90 I used 5 lb. weights. After the first few workouts I switched to 8 lbs. and later on I progressed to 10 lbs. I think I used up to 12.5 or 15 lb. weights for some of the back exercises by the end. What's important is how you feel during the exercises. You want your last 3 reps to be difficult, but still have good form. If they are, you're using the right amount of weight.


You guys look AMAZING!!! These pics are just awe-inspiring. Especially when you look back at day 1 of Power 90 to now. WOW. Are you just in awe of yourselves that in half a year you went from that to this?? Tekoa, since you are a woman like me, can you post info on the weights you used during Power 90, what you started off with, how you progressed and how often you added weight. I want to do this right. I'm being careful by not doing too much but, I want to make sure I'm not shortchanging myself by not giving it my all. How do I know how much weight is too much or too little? I pay attention to how my lower back feels but beyond that, how do I know?