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Passion - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R


When you think about the most successful people you know or have seen… how do you think they got there?  In a previous post I talked about the key to success is failing (you can read that here), but what is the driving force behind pushing forward even when you fail?  It’s PASSION!  When your passion is in the workplace you push hard and you strive to reach your goals… whether it is a promotion you are after or just want to take your job and perform it better than anyone else, it is passion that drives you.  In sports it is passion that drives these players spending every bit of their time improving their game.  In relationships its about thinking about others before you think of yourself and spending quality time with these people.

What are the things you are passionate about?  For me it is God, my family, my friends, my Dream-2-Reality team, and Beachbody.  Until last summer fitness and nutrition were never on my passion list.  I knew I needed to make a change so I started my journey.  As I saw results my passion grew!  It was never easy, but it was simple!  I just needed to commit to the workouts and nutrition plan and I took it one day at a time.  Power 90 and P90X changed my mentality on fitness and now it is part of who I am.  I never would have imagined I could get to where I am today.  It seemed so overwhelming at first, but I took the “It’s too hard” mentality out of my head and made it happen. Now my passion is to take my fitness to the next level and help others do the same!  I LOVE IT!

Passion is also contagious.  I have said in the past “I have caught the Beachbody passion”.  It all starts with being inspired.  For us, we were inspired by some friends of ours that had started P90X.  Maybe you were inspired by Tekoa and me.  Maybe you were inspired by somebody else and you came across this website.  The inspiration creates the motivation to push play and the passion comes when you see it works.  I know several of you on our team that has “caught the passion” which is why you have made the decision to become coaches yourself!

Passion is what drives me.  I am passionate about Power 90, P90X and Shakeology because I am a walking example of how well these products work!  I want to share it with you all and help you find your passion in it as I have.  If you are losing the passion or just haven’t found it yet, plug in here on our website!  We will continually help and support you on your journey so that you can see the results and find your passion for fitness as well.  Your passion will start rubbing off on the people you know and love and you will become the inspiration they need to get started on their own journey!  There isn’t a better feeling knowing that you are helping others get healthy and adding years to their lives… especially when you are affecting the lives of the people you know and love.

If you have the “Beachbody Passion” and want to learn how you can be a part in ending the trend of obesity in the U.S. CLICK HERE.  You can join us as a coach and help others change their lives!


Indeed passion is a key to success in ANYTHING and our physical health requires it too... what I need to learn is balance. Our minds and our bodies need balance and I am either ON or OFF... I need to establish balance because the passion I have ten-fold. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!