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Tekoa's BBL Journey - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Tekoa’s BBL Journey

My 4-Week Brazil Butt Lift Journey (Week 3 Complete)

Well, it’s time for my week 3 pictures and review of Brazil Butt Lift and I haven even posted my week 2 pictures and review. Lol. I haven’t missed any workouts and I did take my week 2 pictures, I just haven’t had the time to write and post my review until now. With that in mind, this will be my week 2 and week 3 combined review.

In my second week of BBL I noticed that while I felt lots of “good burn” in the muscles of my tush and thighs during my workouts, I wasn’t feeling any after burn like I do in other areas of my body. Leandro mentions doubling up the ankle weights if you need, but since they only weigh about 1 lb. each I decided to use Chris’ adjustable ankle weights and set them to 3 lbs. starting with week 3. That did the trick! I definitely feel the difference during and after my workouts. Chris says he sees the difference too. 🙂

So far I have been using 5, 8 and 10 lb. weights for the Sculpt workout depending on the exercises. It surprises me that I am using such little weight for a couple of the moves since I’ve already completed P90X using much more weight, but some of the moves work my body in such a different way that it is just what I needed to do. Starting with week 4 I will increase all my weights and use 8, 10 and 12.5 lbs for Sculpt and I’ll increase my ankle weights to 4 lbs.

Though I enjoy the Brazilian dance inspired workouts of this program, my favorite workouts so far are the ones that focus on muscle toning: ‘High and Tight’, ‘Sculpt’ and ‘Secret Weapon’ (which only comes with the Deluxe Pack). I suppose it makes sense since I am and always will be a P90X-er at heart. I love that “truly worked” feeling I get after a really good workout.

Another piece of news that I am very excited about: I see a big difference in the amount of “pooch” or loose skin in my tummy! I’m not sure it’s all that visible in the photos, but I see a huge difference when I’m looking in the mirror. And as embarrassing as this is, my “pooch”, which used to hang quite low when I bent over during a workout, hardly hangs at all anymore! (♫ Does your pooch hangs low, does it wobble to and fro ♫) 🙂  I’m not exactly sure if any one thing made the sudden difference or if the changes have been slowly accumulating and I suddenly noticed the difference. I’ve been sticking to my workouts and nutrition, including proper calorie intake and ratios, and I’ve been making it a habit to drink more water than I used to. Something worked and it was well worth it! I am ecstatic!

Tekoa Garrett


My Week 3 Results Pictures