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Tekoa's P90X Results! - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Tekoa’s P90X Results!

We have now now completed 90 days of P90X… Our Power 90 results exceeded our expectations and P90X is no exception!  Check out my 90 day P90X results!!  Not only have I toned up with P90X, but I also can do things I have never been able to do before!  My flexibility has improved, my strength has improved,  and I finally have defined biceps!  Many women wonder if they will “bulk up” with P90X, and as long as they aren’t taking creatine and pre-workout supplements like Chris did they should not bulk up.  It is much more difficult for women to bulk up, so as long as they do the 12-15 rep range vs the 8-10 rep range they should be fine.  The P90X nutrition plan has taught me a lot about food ratio’s for different goals.  Whether you are trying to lose weight with p90x or get toned with p90x, it can all be accomplished by adjusting your nutrition to meet your needs.  I can now truly see for myself what P90X is capable of.  This program is the best program out there and better than going to any gym.  Check out my 90 day P90X results video and pictures below!  We will coach you through P90X or one of many other Beachbody programs out there that WORK!  If you follow the program and the nutrition, you WILL see results!  The results below speak for themselves!  I will be putting together an official P90X review very soon, but for now I have to say this program is the best workout program out there to deliver excellent strength and to tone up with the right diet.  Bring It!

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Tekoa’s 90 Day P90X Results: