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Your Body Is Not a Trash Can - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Your Body Is Not a Trash Can

Have you ever gone out to eat felt like you were satisfied with the amount you ate, but still had food on your plate?  Something that comes to a lot of peoples mind when this happens is “I can’t let it go to waste!” so they force the remaining food down to the point that they are completely stuffed.  Instead of leaving the remaining food on the plate or getting a box to take the remaining food home they treat their bodies like a trash can and dump the food there.  The reality is that they had already eaten what their body needed (assuming they had a healthy meal) and they just ate more above and beyond what their body required which could be stored as FAT.   This was one of my biggest mistakes before I became more aware of my health.  I wouldn’t just have this mentality at a restaurant, but at home as well.  I did not like leftovers!  They just didn’t taste as good as the fresh meal, so even at home when we would make a meal I would do what I could to not let food go to waste. No wonder I gained so much weight!

How do you overcome this problem?

Weigh and measure your portion sizes!  I highly recommend a food scale.  If you make one meal at a time then only make what you will put in your body.  If you are following your nutrition plans for your workouts (which I hope you all are), you will see that they list out the portion sizes for you.  All you have to do is weigh and measure!  Only make what you plan to eat.  If you don’t do this and prepare a meal while you are hungry you will have a tendency to make too much (the same principle applies to shopping on an empty stomach).

Minimize the frequency of going out to eat.  Most restaurants have way too large of serving sizes (not to mention most prepare their food with too much butter and salt).  I recently spoke with my boss who is from England who goes out to eat fairly often and he described U.S. restaurants as serving about double the portion sizes that England, or many other countries that he has visited do (explains partly as to why the U.S. is the most obese).  We all like to get out of the house for a nice meal we don’t have to prepare every once in a while, but try to be health conscious when ordering your food.  Stick with grilled instead of fried, specifically request your vegetables to not be prepared with butter or salt, try to avoid dinner rolls as they are not whole grain, and be aware of your portion size.  As you begin cooking at home using a food scale and knowing what 8 ounces of chicken looks like you will have an idea of how much you should eat when you get your plate of food from the restaurant.  If you get a salad, be sure to avoid the dressing and croutons.  As a substitute for dressing I usually ask for lemons or limes to squeeze over my salad coupled with some black pepper.  You can also use a vinaigrette but ask to have it on the side so you can control how much you put on your salad.

Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to post more tips below! 😉

Bring It!

Coach Chris


Having been to Europe many (blessed) times in my marriage, your boss tells the truth. The sizes in europe are much smaller AND one of the biggest differences is they EAT SLOW!! They enjoy their company and linger on their meals. Thats the whole point of going out right?? To enjoy your time.. to hang out.. to talk.. American's are in such a hurry! If you eat slow it gives your body time to process the food your eating therefore telling you that you are full. slowing down is so hard to do it seems.. no matter what the task Good post, Chris! Good reminder too :)