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Acid vs Alkaline Foods - Choosing foods for optimum health

Acid vs Alkaline Foods

acid vs alkaline foodsAcid vs Alkaline Foods

Many people don’t understand the difference between acid vs alkaline foods and how they can affect the body.  The standard American diet today is full of acid forming foods.  These foods can have a serious effect on your body.  By eating too many acid forming foods and not enough alkaline foods to balance it out, our body is forced to compensate and draw essential minerals from our body to keep our blood slightly alkaline.  This is a pretty serious issue!  I learned a lot from this video clip and it really puts it into perspective .   Eating a diet of primarily acid forming foods can cause disease and serious health issues.  This video also explains how diet sodas can actually cause you to GAIN weight even though they are calorie free!

After you watch the video be sure to check out the links below to learn more about the effects of acid vs alkaline foods.

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