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Eating Out - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Eating Out

Eating out totally blows our nutrition plan, right?  Well, often, YES!  But it doesn’t have to.  I occasionally eat out on a date night with Tekoa or eat out with friends.  So do I throw my nutrition tracking out the window and just let loose on these occasions?  No! I’ve worked to hard to let that happen.  I plan ahead, and make sure that even though I eat out, I will exactly hit my caloires, protein, carbs, and fat for the day!

I’ve put in some effort and researched the restaurants I frequent to find the healthiest options so I’m not forced into a corner when I get there.  Most restaurants post their nutritional info on line, and you can look ahead of time at the menu choices to find something that will fit in your daily plan.  Will it be chips and queso, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks or cheesecake for desert?   NO, but you can still eat out and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty afterwards!

Often, you can do well with grilled chicken salads (assuming you skip the dressing, cheese, and croutons)  Ask for some lemons or lime so you an squeeze a little juice on your salad for more flavor.  Soups can be good, but try to stay away from the creamy soups, sandwiches on whole grain bread (but be careful about the toppings).  You are usually safe with steamed veggies of all kinds.  Sauteed veggies will be packed with fat though so avoid them!  Be sure to specify you do not want your veggies cooked with butter.  Fish and steaks are good too, as long as you look at how they are prepared.  You can get a lot of fat and sugar that is hidden in the way a food is prepared.

Eating at home is always safer, but if you are willing to plan ahead and resist the temptations while at the restaurant, you can survive eating out without the guilt and without the extra pounds that often plague those who eat out!  Eating out and not paying attention to what I put in my body was part of the reason I got so fat to begin with!

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I have a question about eating out... I cannot cook AT ALL. And I get very frustrated while trying to cook even with a cooking book or step by step directions. If I ate at healthy places every day would I achieve the needed results for p90x to actually work for me?

Coach Jonathan
Coach Jonathan

Good article about eating out healthy. I would also add that eating healthy while traveling out of town is very, very difficult as well. But I found out yesterday that Wendy's has 4 or 5 meals that are less than 500 calories. for example, I got a grilled chicken sandwich, side salad and water.