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High Protein Foods - Healthy Protein Sources

High Protein Foods

high protein foodsHigh Protein Foods

A lot of times we hear from people we coach that they struggle getting enough protein to meet their fat shredder ratios of 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat as outlined in the P90X Nutrition Plan.  The fat shredder ratio along with a calorie deficit will accelerate your fat loss. Keep in mind that these ratios are not meant to be followed for more than a month before adding in more good healthy carbs, but this post will help you get ideas as to what to use for your protein sources.  There are a lot of high protein foods and some are healthier than others so we wanted to list some options that we used during out fat shredder phases.  We basically cut out all red meat while doing this as it isn’t very healthy due to the saturated fat content.

Here are some great high protein foods to incorporate into your meal plan to help increase your protein to meet the “Fat Shredder” ratio:

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – be sure to pick ones that aren’t pumped full of junk to make them look plump.  We like to use cage free and antibiotic free.  We have used Harvestland brand boneless skinless chicken from Wal-Mart.
  • Salmon and White Fishes – can also buy frozen, in bulk and it takes a lot less time to bake than chicken.  Wild caught is best…. farmed fish are not great for you.
  • Egg Whites – egg yolks are high in cholesterol and contain quite a bit of fat. I’ve found it to be the same price, if not a little. It cheaper, to get the quart sized cartons of egg whites than to spend the time cracking half a dozen eggs and throwing the yolks away. Hard boiling eggs and eating the whites only makes a great snack option.Homemade Protein Bars
  • Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt – super creamy, great with fresh fruit and a little Stevia.
  • Low-fat Cottage Cheese – good with frozen blueberries.
  • Protein Powder** – great for making protein shakes or add to your Shakeology.
  • Beans – try swapping some of your starchy carbs with beans which contain more protein. For instance, making a black bean hamburger (black beans in the meat mixture) and serving it on a bed of dark leafy greens or only half a 100% whole grain bun.
  • Quinoa – try swapping rice with this quick, easy to make grain that contains more protein. Tip: season water with and flavor of Mrs Dash (sodium free) while cooking.

* We highly recommend Sunwarrior protein powder. This is a raw (un-processed), plant-based protein which makes it more efficient than whey. This is what we use now that we’re dairy-free.
** We also like BlueBonnet brand whey protein powder because it’s very pure, high quality and doesn’t contain harmful or undesirable ingredients.

There are other high protein foods out there, but these are the ones we used that we felt were the healthiest options.




Hello! We were wondering if lentils and green chili are healthy for u? Also do u have any recipes or foods that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Thank u!!