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Not Losing Weight? - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Not Losing Weight?

We quite often hear from people who are frustrated because they are exercising and not losing weight and want to know how to lose weight with P90X or other Beachbody programs.  There are several things to keep in mind when doing these programs or any other fitness regimen that I will cover here.




Not losing weight

– Maintain a Calorie Deficit – You can’t eat like you were before and just exercise and expect a big change.  You need to figure out how many calories your body requires to live and breathe, factor in what you will burn in your workouts, and reduce your calorie intake from that number.  If you are doing P90X, the nutrition guide will help you determine what calorie intake you should be shooting for as it already factors in what you will be burning with P90X.  The common error that most people make with this is that those recommendations are set up to MAINTAIN your weight.  You need to subtract from the calorie recommendation it gives you.  I break down the P90X Nutrition Plan to help you maximize your nutrition to meet your goals.  For any program you can check out my post on “How many calories should I eat?” by calculating your calorie requirements

– Stay away from processed foodsProcessed foods are full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients that can throw off your body’s natural functions.  Be sure to check out my post on whole foods vs processed foods.

– Track Your Food Intake (Calories and Ratios) – This is probably one of the most important steps.  You should track EVERYTHING that goes in your body… even if you take one bite of something.  Everything adds up so if you are a “munchy” person, like myself, those calories can catch up to you.  Tekoa and I use and the app on our iPhones.   These programs not only track your caloric intake but also track your macronutrient ratios of protein/carbs/and fat.

– Switch up your ratios – You don’t want to stick with fat shredder ratios (50% protein / 30% carbs / 20% fat) for more than a month.  For a lot of people they find that their weight loss plateau is broken with changing up their macro-nutrients (proteins, carbs, fat).  It might be time to add more GOOD carbs into your nutrition.  If you still have weight to lose, then stick with your calorie deficit, just change up your ratios a bit.

– Eat the Right Carbs at the Right Time – Limit your sugars The only time you should have sugars in your diet is in some fruit and immediately following an intense workout like P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire.  This would include a recovery drink like the P90X Results and Recovery Formula that has a 4:1 carb to protein ratio.  If you are a woman, then you should only do a half serving of the Results and Recovery formula and ONLY after a very intense workout.   Vegetables are always good… EAT LOTS OF THEM! (no butter and minimal to no salt).  Vegetables are a natural fat burner so the more, the better.  Green leafy vegetables and green solid veggies have the most nutritional value (the darker green the better).  Try to keep your carbs heavier in the morning.  Carbs are your energy source so eat them when you need them.  You need your energy through the day… not while you are sleeping!   The only carbs you should eat at night would include veggies and quinoa.  Limit breads and pastas as they can be very processed.  If you do any breads or other “starchy” carbs, they need to be whole grain and should be eaten earlier in the day.  Remember… just because something says it is “wheat” does not necessarily mean it is whole grain.  Do Sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes and eat it earlier in the day as well.  Look at the nutritional facts for everything… Whole grain needs to be the first ingredient.  Oatmeal is good option (avoid putting sugar in it), use brown rice instead of white rice, and Quinoa is a great carb and also contains a complete protein.

– Limit your Sodium Intake –   Personally I recommend no more than 2000 mg of sodium per day.  Sodium causes water retention which can affect your results.  I use Mrs. Dash Seasonings to give my food good flavor.  Mrs. Dash has no sodium which makes it a great option.

– Eat Often – To lose weight you want your metabolism running at its fastest pace.  You do this by eating often… every 2.5 – 3 hours.  This prevents your body from going into a starvation mode (the slowing down of your metabolism when your body isn’t getting the fuel it needs).

– Drink Plenty of Water – You should be drinking at least a half gallon of water per day.  You need the water to help flush the toxins from your body and keep your body hydrated to prevent water retention.

– Few to No Cheat Meals and NO CHEAT DAYS – One cheat meal can set you back 2-3 days in progress.  If you had 2 cheat meals per week you could end up losing all the progress you made that week!  Having a cheat day will most likely destroy your progress for the entire week.  You are working hard for your results, don’t undo that work by binging on a bunch of junk!

– No Empty Calories – Stick with nutrient dense foods.  You want to get the most nutrition in the fewest amount of calories.  This is what makes Shakeology such a great option for a meal.  Only 150 calories yet it is more nutritious than any other meal you can have.  Processed foods like TV dinners, pop-tarts, most crackers, butter, most dressings are all added calories that do nothing for you except give you extra calories, fat and carbs that have little to no nutritional value.

Work Out 5-6 Days Per Week – Working out will help you shed that fat by burning calories.  The repairing and building of muscle also burns calories and will help you burn even more calories even while you sleep!

– The Scale Can Be Deceiving – People want to lose weight fast and get discouraged because they are not losing weight fast enough.  A lot of changes are happening in your body that can make the scale fluctuate.  Be sure to track your progress by taking your measurements!  That is a true indication of progress.  I have seen a lot of people who haven’t seen the scale move, but lost several inches around their body.  Body Fat percentages on scales are inaccurate.  Be sure to also check your body fat by following this process HERE.

– Be Patient – Keep in mind it probably took years to get your body out of shape.  It will take time to undo the damage that was done!  As long as you are making progress… that is all that matters!  A lot of people appear to not lose weight with P90X or some of those other intense programs for the first 2-3 weeks.  Just take your measurements and stay consistent!  You will see the results if you stick with it.

If you start getting discouraged because you are exercising and not losing weight just be sure you are following all the tips above.  If you are committed to these things you WILL see great results.  If you are following these steps verbatim and you still aren’t seeing the results… stay committed.  Results WILL come!

If you would like access to more tips, motivation, and advice, be sure to make one of us your free Team Beachbody Coach!

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Paul Mason
Paul Mason

Chris - Wow great post - I have been doing p90x/insanity/asylum for one year now - Aug 21st one year ago i decided to commit to the rules you posted in this blog and wow its crazy because they are habit to me now but thinking back I had to train my body and mind to understand and follow this plan! Best tip that you left out was to forget the scale - put it away and only weigh yourself on the 30 60 90 day marks! Because the scale can give you a bad feeling that your efforts are for nothing ! So put the scale up and DO WORK! Paul Mason


If you have a Windows Phone 7 phone, MyFitnessPal is another good calorie tracking site with an app for WP7, iPhone and Android.

Chris Watson
Chris Watson

Measurements make all the difference in the world. Thanks for the information chris!


Taking measurements are key! could be building muscle and losing inches!