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P90X Grocery List

P90X Grocery List

P90X Grocery ListP90X Grocery List

Many people are very curious as to what we eat so I wanted to give you a run down of the majority of the foods we buy.  This makes up for pretty much everything with the occasional change here and there.  If you have any questions regarding our P90X grocery list, please comment in the comments below or send me an email at  We eat a lot of the same things because we love them and they fit in our budget and are easy to make.  Nutrition is 80% of your results!



SHAKEOLOGY – Chocolate or Vegan Chocolate

PEANUT BUTTER  – Krema brand, creamy.  your peanut butter should have ONE ingredient… PEANUTS!

ALMOND MILK – Simple Truth Brand, unsweetened (or Silk brand if Simple Truth isn’t available)


– Proteins –

PROTEIN POWDER – SunWarrior brand, vegan chocolate

CHICKEN BREASTS – boneless, skinless, hormone free, free range

FLOUNDER FILLETS – frozen, ready-to-bake

GREEK YOGURT – Chobani brand, plain, non-fat (can mix with stevia, fruit, honey, real maple syrup)

EGGS – cage-free

EGG WHITES – ready to pour


– Grains & Carbs –

BLACK BEANS – organic, no sodium added, canned, but rinsed before eating.  Better option is dried beans and soaked overnight

QUINOA – Bob’s Red Mill brand, organic (cooks faster than rice, easy to make lots of ways, great to use in soups, on salads, in baked breakfast or snack recipes, or as a side dish)

OATS – gluten-free Rolled Oats / Steel Cut Oats

TORTILLAS – 100% whole grain, low carb – LaTortilla Factory brand – these are processed so limit these

BREAD – 100% whole grain (I eat Gluten Free) – this is processed so limit this


– Fruits & Veggies (organic if at all possible) –







TOMATOES grape and Roma








– Other –

CHICKEN BROTH – organic, free-range, low sodium (use it all the time  for stove-top cooking (instead of oil), baking, soups and chilies)

SODIUM-FREE SEASONINGS – like all the Mrs Dash varieties and Red Monkey brand organic Greek herb garden seasoning grinder

SALT – Himalayan Pink

FIRE ROASTED TOMATOES – Muir Glen brand, canned, organic, diced, no salt added

BRAGG’S LIQUID AMINOS – like a healthy soy sauce, still high in sodium, use sparingly

STEVIA IN THE RAW – for a zero calorie sweetener that is NOT artificial.

HONEY – to use for a little sweetening in greek yogurt or oatmeal

PURE MAPLE SYRUP – to use for a little sweetening in greek yogurt or oatmeal

RAW ALMONDS – good for a snack and are packed full of healthy fats

COCONUT WATER – used in my post workout recovery drink.  I don’t care for bananas as much so this is a great option FULL of potassium.


I hope this P90X Grocery List helps you on your next quest to the grocery store!

To make one of us your coach and support you on your journey, be sure to JOIN OUR TEAM



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