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Whole Foods vs Processed Foods - Not All Calories are Created Equal

Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

So I know we talk about how calorie deficits are what you need to lose weight, but often I hear how people hit plateaus and they don’t understand why.  After digging into their nutrition I discover some things that hurt their progress…. processed foods!  Not all calories are created equal.  The calories you do not want are the calories created or altered by people!  It is important to stick with WHOLE FOODS vs processed foods.




Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your food choices:

Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

– Avoid drinking your calories – this would include soda, juice, milk, etc. If you want fruit juice, eat a piece of fruit.  It is much healthier for you with the fiber.

– Avoid foods found in boxes.  These foods are also very processed.  Those pre-packaged dinners are very bad! Crackers, chips, pretzels, and all those boxed or bagged snacks are not good.   Also instead of cereal, eat oatmeal with some fruit, or just with some cinnamon and stevia powder (that is the way I like it).  Do not get the pre-packaged individual servings of oatmeal… your ingredients should ONLY be oats.

– Avoid store bought protein bars.  Try making your own!  Check out our recipe here:

– Make sure your chicken or fish isn’t pumped with junk.  I have seen some pretty nasty chicken you can buy at the store… it may appear fresh, but it may be plumped by them injecting the meat with junk.  One way to tell if it is injected is the sodium content in your chicken…it should be very low (less than 100 mg per serving).  You should also go with cage free, antibiotic free, etc.  I have used Harvestland brand boneless skinless chicken from Wal-Mart.  It is the best I have found that doesn’t cost a million bucks 🙂

 – Buy organic vegetables and fruits if possible.  Some things are genetically modified to make them more plump or to make it so the crops aren’t killed when they spray weed killer.  I for one do not want to eat chemicals or genetically modified food.  If you can’t afford to buy everything organic – check out this list to help you determine the most important items to buy organic based on pesticides:  NOTE – This list has corn as a “clean” item but corn is one of the most genetically modified foods, so you will want to buy that in organic as well.  Corn is also not a vegetable either so you should not eat a lot of corn anyway.

 – Avoid artificial ingredients and sweeteners – Yes this includes diet soda!!  They are toxic!  Powdered stevia is a natural plant based sweetener derived from the stevia plant.

– Stay away from all those products at the store that have “lean”, “healthy”, “reduced fat”, “light”, “sugar free”, etc in the name.  They are all processed!  Those 100 calorie snack packs are NO GOOD!  It is a marketing gimmick to label foods to make it sound healthy when they are not!

– Stay away from “imitation” products.  Butter substitutes, egg substitutes, food that has been processed to imitate meat all fall into this category.  They are very unhealthy.

– Ground meats – Ground meats are especially processed.  Ground beef and ground turkey are the two most popular ground meats.  Ground meats have a lot of things added to it including preservatives that you don’t want to add to your body.  If you have your own meat grinder and have some organic free range meat… go for it!  Just make sure your meat is free range, grass fed and no hormones or antibiotics, or added nitrates (just like chicken).

– Canned foods – a lot of canned goods are processed in some way or have added ingredients that are not ideal.  If you buy canned goods, be sure to rinse and strain thoroughly.  Canned soups are definitely not a good option.  Make your own!  We like to make big batches so we can eat it through the week.


I hope this post of whole foods vs processed foods helped you understand which foods to avoid and which foods to look for.


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