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Shakeology Review - Why You Should or Should Not Buy Shakeology

Shakeology Review

Shakeology Review

Shakeology Review

Most likely you have found this post because you want to know “What is Shakeology?” and “Does Shakeology Work?” and MOST of all “Is Shakeology worth the cost?”  If you are like me, then you like to do research as to what products are all about and determine ON YOUR OWN if they are legit.  After all there are WAY too many gimmicks out there and you need to know what really works.  When I first saw the cost of Shakeology I said “Who the heck would pay $129 for a glorified protein powder??”  WHY IS SHAKEOLOGY SO DANG EXPENSIVE?  I certainly won’t spend that kind of money on something unless I TRULY know all about it.  That is when I started to do some research…  The purpose of this Shakeology review is to hear about my experience so that you can determine for yourself if this might be something you want to invest in.

My Shakeology Review

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a complete Meal Replacement Shake that consists of over 70 different healthy ingredients many of which are superfoods.  It is designed to replace one meal per day and can also be used as a snack option.  It is formulated to help lose weight, reduce cravings, improve energy, and improve digestion.

My Background:

Since I was a teenager I have struggled with Narcolepsy and when I was overweight I also dealt with Sleep Apnea.  I was tired ALL THE TIME.  I could not stay awake during classes at school, I would have to take naps at work, and I would fall asleep at stoplights!  Now THAT is scary!  When I was 17 I fell asleep at the wheel, crossed into oncoming traffic, went down into a ditch and crashed into a tree going 50 mph.  I was very fortunate to survive that crash and I thank God that He spared my life.  As I lost weight from Power 90 my Sleep Apnea went away… the only problem was… my Narcolepsy didn’t!  For those of you that don’t know what Narcolepsy is, it is a condition in your brain that has no cure.  Only symptoms can be treated.  I was taking expensive medication every day to help me overcome the Narcolepsy, but I still struggled with being tired all the time and it scared me.  I didn’t want to end up having an accident and leaving my family without a husband and father!  I needed something that would give me energy that did NOT have a bunch of stimulants.  Even though we were eating healthy and working out every day, I still fought cravings and I had reached a weight loss plateau.

The Discovery of Shakeology:

As Tekoa and I were approaching 60 days into Power 90 we heard about Shakeology from someone else using it.  They told us it would probably help us with our weight loss plateaus and cravings.  This person did not benefit from us buying it, so that was enough of a recommendation to check into it.  When I first looked it up I had sticker shock!!  As I wrote earlier in this review, I could not believe anyone would spend that much on what I thought was just a protein shake!  On top of it all, we were going to be buying it for BOTH of us, so we were going to spend double to get it!   I was VERY skeptical at first, so I needed to do some of my own research.  I looked at other Shakeology reviews to see what others were saying about Shakeology, then I started researching what was in it.  I had learned SO MUCH about nutrition as we were on our weight loss journey and learned a lot about unhealthy ingredients in so many foods out there.  I needed to make sure what was in it is actually healthy and that there were no harmful ingredients in Shakeology

Shakeology Ingredients:

I researched A LOT of ingredients in Shakeology and I was pleasantly surprised!  I could not find one ingredient in it out of all the many ingredients listed that was controversial or unhealthy.  Everything I found in it had tons of health benefits!  I actually comprised a list of Shakeology ingredients and included the health benefits of them that you can read here in this Shakeology Ingredient List.

Shakeology Price:

This was a big concern for me at first because money was really tight for us.  My first look I felt it was too expensive, but with everything that is in Shakeology, where it comes from, the quality of the ingredients, and the fact that it is a meal replacement shake, I realized it really wasn’t priced out of line at all!   The problem was that I didn’t know what it tasted like or if it really did the things it claimed to do!  I decided to do the math… $129 for a 30 day supply.  That comes out to a little more than $4 per meal.  With what I was spending on groceries for a meal / going out to eat I would actually break even or in many cases SAVE money!  I used to go out to lunch and spend $7-8 per meal and Tekoa used to spend $4 on Starbucks almost daily!   I also learned there was a 30 day “Bottom of the Bag” guarantee.  That was enough for me to go ahead and make the commitment and purchase it to try it for a month to see if I liked it and if it really worked.  I chose the “Auto-Ship” option since it was free shipping (about a $10 savings) that way.   I also did it that way also because the “Bottom of the Bag” guarantee offers a complete refund LESS shipping.  I was definitely sold on it to at least give it a try.

There are ways to get it cheaper which you can read about HERE.  When you purchase Shakeology you will want to be sure you get it on Auto-Ship so you will get free shipping (which saves about $10) Even if you just want to try it for one month… buy it on Auto-Ship so it will save you on shipping.  You can cancel your future shipments with a simple phone call or email at any time to customer service so don’t waste your money on shipping!

Shakeology Taste:

I know this part is important for a lot of people. Before you spend money on anything you want to make sure you like it.   Shakeology has 4 different options… Chocolate and Greenberry, then they also have two vegan options in Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry.  Since Shakeology has 30 day guarantee I just took the plunge and bought chocolate.   I have tried ALL the flavors now and Chocolate is my favorite!  It is thick, rich , smooth, and delicious!   I first highly recommend blending with ice, unsweetened almond milk and peanut butter or PB2.  It tastes like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!   I would recommend using 8 ounces of liquid to blend it with if you want a really thick shake, otherwise you should use 10-12 ounces plus ice.  I was definitely shocked with how good it tastes.  It tastes like you are cheating!  My second favorite Shakeology flavor is the Tropical Strawberry flavor.  It is a little on the sweet side, but my favorite way to make that one is blend it with 2/3 cup of frozen blueberries, 8 ounces of unsweetened almond milk, and ice.  It is a very tasty fruity flavor.  Many like to add banana to it as well.  The Tropical Strawberry is a vegan formula, so it uses sprouted brown rice protein and pea protein instead of whey protein so it is a little bit in the thinner / grittier side compared to the regular chocolate.  The vegan options are great if you have problems with dairy in general.  The Greenberry flavor is not really for me.  It really doesn’t taste like “berry” and has more of a wheat grass flavor.  I know some people prefer that, but definitely not my taste buds… LOL!  If you would like to try a sample of Shakeology from me before purchasing… YOU CAN REQUEST ONE HERE.

Shakeology Results:

We started drinking Shakeology replacing one meal per day and with Power 90 through the end of round 1 of P90X I lost a total of 62 POUNDS and put on a good amount of muscle and Tekoa lost a total of over 30 pounds including those last 10 pounds that are really difficult to lose for women.  Shakeology broke us both out of our plateaus.   We found our cravings were significantly decreased due to how much nutrition is packed into the shake.   We also found it kept us satisfied for a lot longer than we expected.  The best part of it was that my energy increased DRAMATICALLY!  I realized after just a couple weeks of drinking it that my energy levels were so improved that I was able to come off my Narcolepsy medication.  That was SO amazing!  I no longer had to worry about falling asleep at stoplights, or needing to take a nap at my job.  I also didn’t have to worry about putting medication in my body that may have caused additional issues down the road.  My increased energy helps me push through my workouts and keeps me focused!  We are HOOKED and will not stop drinking Shakeology, because it gives us a ton of nutrition we may not have been getting otherwise and makes us feel great!

Check out our Power 90, P90X, and Shakeology results!


Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Shakeology Review


So is Shakeology right for you?  Well, IT DEPENDS!  If you can work it into your budget, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!  It will help you on your journey to better health!   If you aren’t able to make it work, no big deal, you can still get great results!  Shakeology will help, yes, but if you aren’t able to make it work, that won’t stop you from completely transforming yourself.

We have been drinking Shakeology every day for over 2 years now and we can’t go a day without it!  It really is the best meal replacement shake out there.  Nothing compares to the quality of Shakeology let alone the amount of nutrition one serving of Shakeology packs. A lot of my friends and family are now drinking Shakeology because they truly believe it is something you should incorporate in your diet if you are able to.  Like I said… you CAN still get results without Shakeology, but I know that Shakeology will improve your results even more and give you the nutrients your body needs that you most likely are not getting today.   Since Shakeology is packed full of nutrition, and vitamins, you will most likely not need anything else.   If you were to spend money on only one supplement, this would be the one I would recommend.  I have heard about and witnessed amazing testimonials on how Shakeology has lowered cholesterol, raised HDL, lowered blood pressure, improved MS symptoms, gotten their diabetes under control and many others!  This product is amazing!

Of all the supplements Beachbody offers, this is the product we believe in the most!  If you are someone that Tekoa or I coach you will know that we aren’t the type of coaches that just push Beachbody products on you.  Our goal is for you to get the best results possible on your journey!  We only recommend products that work for us that we use on a day to day basis and feel are worth the money.  You will here us recommend all kinds of products from different companies, but there are only a couple of supplements from Beachbody you will hear us recommend to others that we feel give the best results and are worth the money… Shakeology is at the top of this list!   I hope this Shakeology review was helpful for you to make a decision and I have added some short  Shakeology reviews below from people that we coach and other people that we know that are drinking Shakeology.  Be sure to read this through and decide if Shakeology is right for you!

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Shakeology Review

Other Shakeology Reviews:


Leo Y.. Shakeology Review

” I did P90X for about 4 weeks without Shakeology, mainly because I was skeptical about it. It was pricey and I didn’t know if it would really help me. But I made the decision to try it once to see for myself (how can I say it’s bad if I don’t try it?). Within the first week, I noticed a difference throughout the day and I felt energized! It really only works out to about $4-5/day, which is way cheaper than what I used to spend on a meal!

Shakeology is without a doubt the best investment I made. Not only has it helped me with my P90X results, but my health in general. My energy level improved, my digestion improved, and not to mention that it tastes amazing with all the nutrition that’s in Shakeology!”


Matt R.. Shakeology Review

“I started Shakeology with my first round of P90X2 in January, I dropped just under 30lbs and have kept it off. I was a little set back by the cost at first, then I realized I was spending $5+ every single day on a latte and muffin each morning, saving those calories and saving the $5 put me ahead in my waistline and wallet.”


Sherist C.. Shakeology Review

“I have a lot of weight to lose. In the beginning, I was too lazy/lethargic/fatigued to exercise, so I started drinking Shakeology. As healthy as it is, I was surprised at how good it tasted and even more surprised at the energy it gave me. By the end of the first month of drinking a chocolate shake every day, I had lost 12 pounds and had so much energy i WANTED to workout. I continue to drink Shakeology every day. It is ridiculous healthy, but, along with the rest of my diet, it feels like a TREAT!”


Alicia M.. Shakeology Review

“I had forgotten how much Shakeology helps me with my “diet” until I ran out. I’ve noticed I’ve been craving stuff I have not craved for a long time. I should be getting my Shakeology shipment any day now. Love the Chocolate and Strawberry Vegan.


David R.. Shakeology Review

“Shakeology has given me the edge I need to get through my workouts, get through my day and be ready for more the next day.  Drinking Shakeology changed my perspective on nutrition. I used to think that “healthy” tasted bad… Shakeology gives me all the nutrients that I need and tastes amazing!  It has allowed me to lose 7 lbs of fat while having a ton of energy for my workouts!  Shakeology help me lose 4 inches off of my waist and hips!”


Jin K.. Shakeology Review

“The two biggest things Shakeology has done for me are the following: 1) Given me a great energy boost every morning which helps me get through the day and 2) helps my sugar cravings and keeps me away from unhealthy sweet dessert type foods. Overall though it just makes me feel really good throughout the day and it makes me look forward to eating breakfast every morning because it tastes so good.”


Justin H.. Shakeology Review

“I find that Shakeology has really curbed my daily urges for caffeine. As well as helping to provide “guilt free treats” with some great recipes we have come up with to incorporate it into desserts. It is really indispensable!”


Pam K. Shakeology Review

“Shakeology helped me break through a plateau, lose 7 lbs. and get to my lowest weight in about 15 years.”


Steve K.. Shakeology Review

“When I completed my first round of P90X I got fit but I didn’t get the outstanding results that so many seemed to get. I had too many cheat meals. My second round of P90X I decided to be disciplined with my diet so I included Shakeology everday in my meal plan. Results: lost 26lbs and increased muscle mass. I make sure to have a Shakeology shake everyday.”


Christine R. Shakeology Review

“More energy and some weight loss 🙂 plus its so darn good who can resist?”


Dayana E. Shakeology Review

“I had all kinds of digestive issues! Have been drinking it everyday for a year now and I am off the stomach meds I was on!!! Plus I’ve dropped some body fat!”


Lance L. Shakeology Review

“I just got my cholesterol numbers back today and I’m at 123. My doctor friend added this bit of info about my cholesterol numbers:

‘Your original labs were okay on the other numbers, but you just cut your risk of heart disease by about 140% with that movement. For every 1 point you can raise your HDL…, you decrease risk of heart disease by 10%. A lot of …people ignore HDL, but it itself is a strong predictor of heart disease (though we’re most concerned with LDL). People with HDLs in the 20s are usually just genetically unable to get it up. It takes major lifestyle changes to get it to move. You should be VERY proud!! You’ve done the impossible!’

My HDL was at 26 and I was able to raise it to 40. I knew I had improved but I didn’t know how impressive the numbers were until she posted this! I’m very proud of myself right now and thanking Shakeology!”


Bryan M. Shakeology Review

“[Shakeology] helps me fight cravings big time! My heartburn has almost gone away completely, and it gives me really good energy!”


Shannon M. Shakeology Review

“[Shakeology] helps drastically with my MS symptoms, and I have hardly had any heart ahrrythmia’s since about a week in to taking it!”


Laura P. Shakeology Review

“I didn’t start drinking Shakeology to lose weight, but to lower my cholesterol which was 267 points. I dropped my cholesterol 102 points with Shakeology and as a side benefit lost 24 pounds and 32 inches!”


Jacqueline B. Shakeology Review

“I haven’t been taking [Shakeology] long, but I find it helps me with craving and keeps me filled for longer periods of time and gives me energy.”


Video Shakeology Review :

Sommer T Shakeology Review

Craig B Shakeology Review

Dennis H Shakeology Review

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Shakeology Review



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Shakeology is an increidble product..keeps my cholesterol levels in the low 150's..I'm a believer!


So this sounds awesome, but if you and your wife both drink it everyday, does that mean you buy two 30 day shipments each month? Or do you just order 1 bag and share? If my wife and I did this together, there's no way we could afford to order 2 bags every month...that's close $250 a month!


Is this something that can be used twice a day to replace breakfast and lunch?


This is kind of a silly question, but is it possible to get addicted to Shakeology? I don't want to have to drink it everyday


Hi - can kids drink this? My kids are 13 and 11. Thanks!

James Garr
James Garr

People tend to think Shakeology is too good to be true, but it's the real deal. Helped me get rid of my type 2 diabetes. I love it.


Great review. It is so obvious that everyone should at least try Shakeology and see for themselves.


Some of these stories are amazing. I love Shakeology and obviously I'm not alone!


I don't go a day without it! Liquid Gold!