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Which Beachbody Program?? - Chris Garrett Fitness | Dream-2-Reality | Team D2R

Which Beachbody Program??

  There are many popular programs from Beachbody like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, and Brazil Butt Lift, but which program is right for you?  Is it possible that none of the programs I just listed are right for you?   It is important for you to know what your options are.

Everybody has their own interests, goals, and time frames along with their own fitness levels.  The import thing is to pick a program you will most enjoy that challenges you enough to be a good workout and one that you won’t get bored with.  This post should give you an idea of the various programs out there that will fit your interests and needs.

First let’s look at the Power House workouts.  These programs are no joke, so if you think it is too much to handle, that is OK!  There are other options that I will get into later.


High Intensity / Impact Programs


P90X is a 90 day extreme fitness program and has been hugely popular for several years.  It consists of 3 resistance training days and 2 cardio days, 1 Yoga day with an optional 7th stretch day.  The workouts are about 60-90 minutes long (The 90 minute Yoga can be substituted with the 45 minute Fountain of Youth Yoga disk that comes with the program if bought from this site).  It is a total body workout program that is still my favorite program.  I got completely SHREDDED by day 90!  Tekoa and I jumped into P90X right after completing Power 90.  If you are not sure if you should start Power 90 or p90X first be sure to check out my post titled Power 90 vs P90X.  The cardio isn’t horribly intense except Plyometrics is pretty tough.  It is a great program you can adjust the nutrition plan a bit to lose weight, maintain, or build muscle.  As far as equipment you need dumbbells (or resistance bands), a pull up bar (or resistance bands with door attachment), and possibly a yoga mat.  If you struggle with pull ups then I would recommend the chin-up max (assist).  There are 3 schedules you can follow:

  • Classic – The most popular schedule of P90X.  It is the program that Tekoa and I both followed and is the one I recommend for most people.
  • Lean – This schedule is misunderstood.  People think “Lean” means it is meant more for losing weight.  That is incorrect!  This should have been called “P90X Lite”.  There is NOT more cardio with the Lean schedule.  All it does in the first phase (for example) is replaces the Chest and Back workout with Core Synergistics so there is less pushup and pull up resistance training and more core strength resistance training.  It also replaces Plyo X (which is the most intense cardio workout with P90X) with Cardio X which is much less intense.  So technically speaking there is actually LESS cardio with the Lean schedule.  Ultimately I would recommend the Lean program for those that are really overweight that are really unable to do pull ups or pushups even with modifications or assistance.
  • Doubles – DO NOT do doubles for your first round.  There is too much risk of over training.  Also do not do doubles if you are wanting to build muscle mass.  The extra cardio will only slow down the muscle growth.  If you want to do doubles, wait until you are really fit and you just want to do more working out because you have the time and you like it.


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Insanity is a 60 day high impact, intense cardio program that works you 6 days per week.  You burn a TON of calories with this program which can make it a good option for losing weight with the right nutrition, but this program is primarily all about speed, performance, and stamina.  Doing this program will make P90X seem like a breeze. It involves a lot of plyometric jumping and full-body movements, but doesn’t use weights (with the one exception of the Upper Body Weight Training DVD that comes with the deluxe program option).  Like I said… this is high impact so it requires that you have knees and a back that can handle jumping, pivoting, and getting up and down from the floor a lot!


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Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire is a 90 day high impact cardio program with a combination of dance and kickboxing moves.  Tekoa has a blast doing this program!  It is 6 days per week and are anywhere from 25 – 55 minutes long.  There is only one sculpt workout and one toning workout that requires dumbbells or resistance bands.  If you are not very coordinated it might be frustrating at first until you get a hang of the moves, but it is very upbeat and fun.  Turbo Fire now comes with some starter workouts to help you!  These workouts are slower paced to help you get the hang of the moves and lower impact to help you work your way up the the main workouts in the program.


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Lower Impact / Starter Programs

Power 90

Power 90 is a 90 day workout program that ranges from 35 – 45 minutes long.  It starts with phase 1-2 DVD’s that is more of an entry level into the program… once you feel you are ready for more, you move into the phase 3-4 disks to step it up a notch!  This is the program that Tekoa and I started with and was a perfect program for us to start.  Once you complete the program, you might be ready for P90X, or you can choose the Power 90 Masters Series as your next step.  Power 90 is a little dated, but effective!  If you still aren’t sure which program to chose with Power 90 vs. P90X, then check out my post here breaking down the differences:  I lost  59 pounds and Tekoa lost 31 pounds in 100 days of doing the program!  You can check out our Power 90 results video here:


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Brazil Butt Lift

Brazil Butt Lift a workout that is more specific to your butt, hips, and thighs, but has become a very popular.  This workout is obviously geared more to women.  The workout plans are 6 days per week and 4 weeks long but can be done back to back.  I have done the ab workout for this and it is fantastic!  My abs were sore for a couple days after doing that workout!

Here are the different schedules for Brazil Butt Lift:

  • Lift and Shape (if you have a flat booty this will help create a more rounded rear view)  Workouts are 35 – 85 minutes
  • Slim and Shape (sculpt and reshape your booty, hips and thighs and carve out a sleeker silhouette.  This plan is good if you are starting out with a pear shape.) Workouts are 35 – 85 minutes
  • Slim and Lift (burn the max fat while lifting and shaping your booty.)  Workouts are 50 – 80 minutes
  • Combination (good for all booty types and is a good stand alone plan or perfect plan to follow as maintenance after completing a specific plan for your booty type) Workouts are 50 – 80 minutes


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Turbo Jam

Turbo Jam  is a lot like Turbo Fire, only less intense!  It is still upbeat and fun, but is much lower in impact in comparison to Turbo Fire.  The workouts are 20 – 50 minutes in length and is a great program to do if you are really out of shape but still want a fun upbeat dance / kickboxing routine


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Mass Gaining Programs

Body Beast

As you know P90X can be used as a mass gaining program with the right nutrition, but this program is specifically designed to build size.  Body Beast is the program I am working with right now and I am LOVING IT!   It is also a 90 day program where you can gain up to 12 pounds of muscle in 90 days!   Sagi Kalev (Trainer for Body Beast) has coined the term “Dynamic Set Training” for his technique, which uses multiple sets, progressive sets, drop sets, supersets, etc., in combination with each other, to pre-fatigue the muscles, and then hammer them into submission!  The workouts are a little shorter than say P90X, but it is amazing what is done to your muscles in these 30-50 minute workouts.  I am almost always sore from the workouts every single day and the results are fantastic!  I will be sure to share my updated pics when I finish the program.  If you are a “Hard Gainer”, this program is definitely the program for you!



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Elite / Performance Based Programs

Insanity: The Asylum

Insanity: The Asylum is an intense 30 day program inspired by pro athlete training.  This program really raises the bar with in-home training and you will literally feel like a pro athlete when you are done.  the strength gains, speed and agility improvements, as well as gains in endurance are AMAZING with this program.  You will also shed fat like it is nobody’s business!  I was VERY impressed with this program.  I would not recommend doing this program unless you have finished a higher level program like P90X, Insanity or Turbo Fire.


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P90X2 is a 90 day program that is considered a sequel to the popular P90X program.  The focus of P90X2 is more on core and balance as well as explosive P.A.P. training.  This program is great to do after P90X or Body Beast to help focus on the areas not covered very much by those programs.  This program also has more focus on recovery as well so that you end up lean, mean, and flexible.


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